Accelerated English Programme

Importance of English

The value of being fluent in English is becoming more and more clear with the expansion of globalization. It is not only a way to interact with people from around the globe, but it is also a vital instrument for achieving academic success. Learning English as a second language can be difficult and time-consuming for non-native individuals. However, students can learn languages more quickly with innovative strategies like accelerated English learning programs.

The Accelerated English Learning Program is a novel initiative started by the Kyitsel-ling Tibetan Children’s Education Center in association with the Tibetan Children’s Education Foundation in Montana.

The program’s stated goal is to raise pupils’ levels of English proficiency at TNMF School and Kyitsel-ling. The goal stems from the reality that English is among the most important languages in the world and that not knowing it can restrict opportunities.

Reading and speaking skills are the backbone of language and literacy skills for students. To inculcate reading habits in junior students, it is important to provide them with easy-reading materials such as bedtime stories. Creating a small corner near the dining hall where students can read during leisure time can also help promote reading habits.

Additionally, a specific English-speaking lesson can be planned to motivate students to develop their conversational abilities. Conducting special classes where students are encouraged to practice speaking English and arranging debates and group conversations will also assist young students in becoming confident and articulate speakers of the English language.