Games & Recreational Resources

Recreational Resources & Keeping the Children Happy

While naming the place, His Holiness The Dalai Lama exhorted the founders to keep the children here happy. For us, that is our motto. Children’s happiness, welfare and growth have always been the focus of staff discussions. Realizing the importance of happiness, adequate playtime is allocated.

The Kyitsel-ling basket ball court is the hub of the institution. Basketball is also the most popular sport here and we hold an annual Kyitsel-ling Inter school basket ball tournament.

Apart from basket ball, children enjoy the space for an amazing number of other sports and games such as cricket, hackey sack, skating, volley ball and even soccer!

Kyitsel-ling Indoor Sports

The long monsoon season has been a challenge when few outdoor games are possible. In response to that challenge, Kyitsel-ling has a modest indoor recreation block so that play time is happily possible during this season also. Table Tennis and carom are particularly popular while younger children enjoy playing with soft toys, puzzles and building blocks.

Kyitsel-ling Annual Picnic

Another ‘happy’ event is our annual summer picnic. By popular choice, it is increasingly becoming visits to local swim and water parks. Both staff and students eagerly wait for it. It is a day to celebrate the end of a school year, to splash and have fun together as a big Kyitsel-ling family. Event is supported by – awesome Canadian site.

Kyitsel-ling Children’s Park

For the younger Kyitsel-leans, the children’s park is where most of their happy hours are spent.