Gratitude Page


On behalf of all the children whose lives we touch, we’d like to acknowledge the huge gratitude we owe to the following persons/ organizations. Over the past fourteen years of service, we’ve been able to touch the lives of hundreds of children and elders.

We realize with humility that our work is possible only because of the blessings and kindness of so many people around us.

HH The Dalai Lama – laying the foundation stone, blessing it and inspiring our work.
Ven. DG Khochhen Rinpoche and the leadership at Dhondupling Tibetan Settlement – allotting us precious land and for the unstinted support over many years.
The Department of Education, Central Tibetan Administration, Dharamsala – initial building grant.
India Supera and the Tibetan Children’s Education Foundation (TCEF), Montana, USA – all sponsorship funding that enables running of hostel.
William Wilmot, Montana, USA – initial seed money for building construction and purchase of first set of computers.
Lynn Wasser, California, USA – initial building funds.
Frank and Virginia Unterberger, Pennsylvania, USA – building funds for library.
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Furer, Switzerland – building funds for second floor.
Sonia Maire, Switzerland – completion of second floor and recreation block.
Wiebke Faslem and Tara Ratna Mission, Germany – drinking water station, children’s park, books for library & mattresses.
Robert Barber, California, USA – Computer Up gradation Project.
Jennifer Prugh & Marilyn Merserea, California, USA – Kitchen Remodel Project.
Vimala Association for tube well and for renovation of Boys washroom
Tibetan Children’s Education Foundation , Montana, USA- Tibetan tradition costumes
Plus the hundreds of individual sponsors of children’s education & humanitarian support for elder.
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