Kyitselling Ex students

Samten Choedon
Class XII Com

  • I am 17 years old girl named samten choedon.Thankful to god and klind supporters to have this life.
  • I came here in this beautiful place when I was a child, maybe when I was 6 or 7 years. I had so many wonderful moments in kyitseling and I think I am fortunate to join this hostel. I feel very much grateful for guardians as they have nurtured us all these years.and also teachers are very good who taught us so many things not only books but beyond the books too. I feel very fortunate to have sponsors and I am very much thankful to genla karma la ,genla gyatso la,gen tsering la and maam namgyal la who looked after me during my stay here in this wonderful place.and I have so many wonderful monets here in kyitseling which I think I am going to cherish forever.
  • I had chance to be captains several times here in the school.
  • I dont like singing and dancing as my voice is not much of any good.but I do love to watch people singing and dancing on shows.
  • My aim is to become an accountant and fulfill my parents desire and make them feel proud.
  • My life has been wonderful here in kyitseling . thats it. god bless all..