Online coaching during Covid

The extremely contagious COVID-19 pandemic created one of the most difficult problems for both teachers and students all across the world. The education system came to an abrupt and complete halt when all schools and colleges were forced to close their doors in order to stop the virus’ spread. Fortunately, schools were able to switch to online classes because of the accessibility of the internet and various digital applications.

Obtaining internet connectivity was a challenge in itself for more than 65 children who were left behind at Kyitsel-ling, the Tibetan Children’s Education Center, since their parents resided so far apart. Kyitsel-ling had the challenging task of making sure that each student could access the required materials and participate in the online lectures.

Academic anxiety among students had reached an all-time high, which made things worse due to a lack of a clear future. Despite the challenges, the Kyitsel-ling administration and teachers worked diligently towards effective online classes and providing timely support and guidance to the stranded students.

We were able to give our students the resources that they required during the lockdown time as a result of the kind assistance of our sponsors and friends at TCEF. They donated technology, internet access, and other tools, which helped the transition to online classes go smoothly. Their assistance helped us make sure that no student faced any obstacles in continuing their education. We are incredibly appreciative of their support during such challenging circumstances.