Supplementary Education & Supporting the Academic Success of Children

Kyitsel-ling is much more than just a boarding hostel. One of our biggest aim is to support the education and ensure academic success of the children. Towards this aim, on their return ‘home’ to Kyitsel-ling from school,  extra tutors are arranged for children of all ages. These teachers help children successfully complete school tasks and provide additional coaching in challenging study material. One of the traditional strengths of Tibetan students has been their discipline and capacity for self study. Kyitsel-ling nurtures and encourages this. Special self-study hours are arranged and children are encouraged to develop the habit of self-study.

Computer Education Program

We believe that the education offered to Tibetan children should equip them to be comfortable in this ever changing modern world. Without doubt, one of the most important tools to facilitate this is Computer Education. A Computer Education teacher is part of Kyitsel-ling staff and special time is allotted for its study.

Facilitating Cultural Transmission to the Children

Kyitsel-ling’s location in a major Tibetan settlement is a huge advantage. We have Tibetan families and Tashi Kyil as our immediate neighbours. Kyitsel-ling’s daily curriculum is geared towards this important aim of transmitting our culture to the children. The day begins and ends with traditional Tibetan prayers. In between, the study of Tibetan language, culture and history is reinforced by Kyitsel-ling teachers. Traditional Tibetan Dance and Music is also taught to the children.