Stanzin Dawa

I had so many wonderful moments in kyitseling and I think I  am fortunate to join this hostel. I feel very much grateful for guardians as My hostel life in kyitsel ling was unforgettable and in fact those days were the happiest and fruitful days in my life. Kyitselling is much beyond just a hostel, it actually denotes a culture, a culture
of excellence, empowerment and enrichment. Being part of kyitselling, I felt blessed. I was 6 year old
when I was brought to kyitsel ling. Today I am a scholar in Jammu University and the way in which I have grown up, matured and found out who really I am, is something I couldn’t accomplish without guidance of Kyitsel-ling members. I got infinite love and lessons from my teachers there. I proudly feel that I cherished every moment of my hostel life in kyitsel ling.ey have nurtured us all these years.