It is true what they say that providing a child with a boarding school education is one of the greatest […]

Mingmer Lhamo

“Life in kyitselling hostel is one of the most memorable experiences.” Living in Kyitselling hostel has been an enriching experience […]

Chime Youdon

To begin with, thank you note to my kyitsel-ling family for giving me a good upbringing and teaching me the […]

Stanzin Dawa

I had so many wonderful moments in kyitseling and I think I  am fortunate to join this hostel. I feel […]

Pema Deckey

My name is Pema Dickey. I have spent 10 years in Kyitsel-ling hostel. and I can proudly say that this […]

Mamta Dolma

Hello My name is Mumta. I am a student at Kyitsel-ling I was there since LKG to class 12 standard. […]